It’s time to shift the conversation.

In 1998, the citizens of Dallas voted first and foremost to allocate bonds for the purpose of turning the Trinity River floodplain into one of the premier urban parks in the world. Unfortunately, for decades we’ve been caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare involving whether or not to also build a high-speed, limited access tollroad in the floodplain adjacent to our park.

Many agree now in the year 2015, that this will compromise the potential of the park as well as the progress we’ve already made in bringing people to the Trinity.

We’ve collectively lost focus of the true prize and of what the citizens were truly voting for – a great park!

“The economic engine is the great Trinity Park; therefore, that should be the planning focus…Like Klyde Warren Park that has become a driver of economic development in the Uptown area, the Trinity Park will encourage development of Riverfront Boulevard and surrounding areas that are just beginning to transform.”

AIA Dallas

The Trinity Park Collaborative is an open club that seeks to be a gathering ground for those who support the development of the Trinity Park. Additionally, we’d like to become a repository for ideas generated directly from the community that will use the park.

The planning of the Trinity Park should be a true community effort, not something done behind closed doors or by experts from out of state. It starts here. Want to join the Collaborative?